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"So that's what you're like, Grandpa Lenin!"


Jokes for adults dealt with Lenin's love affairs and those of his wife, Nadezhda Krupskaya.

A girls magazine replies to a letter of their reader, 'Dear Tanya, you don't need to be so desperate, you'll find you love! Look and Nadezhda Krupskaya - what an ugly brut she was, but look who she's got for a husband!'
Lenin was cross with his wife: `Nadenka, why are you going around in such a torn and dirty skirt?'
`Because I've nothing else to wear,' she replied.
`What do you mean nothing!' Lenin was indignant and opened the wardrobe.
`Look, there's a blue dress, a brown outfit, a leather jacket .. . Hello, Comrade Dzerzhinsky... and a perfectly decent skirt
(Dzerzhinsky - the head of the or 'secret police' - predecessor to the KGB.)
One of the standard themes in Soviet art was 'Lenin in Zurich.' This was a sculpture or painting showing Lenin, in exile in Switzerland, dressed in a greatcoat and workingman's cap, standing on some Alpine crag and gazing off into the distance, visualizing the future dictatorship of the proletariat.
When the Politburo built themselves a new meeting hall, they decided that an enormous 'Lenin in Zurich' painting would be just the thing for decoration. So they held an All-Union competition to pick an artist, brought him to Moscow, provided him with paints and a 4-meter-tall canvas, and said, 'Lenin in Zurich. Six weeks. Have it finished.'
On the appointed day, the members of the Politburo file into the newly completed hall where the great painting is covered by a drop cloth. When they are all ready, the artist pulls the cloth aside to reveal - not Lenin. It's Mrs. Lenin! Naked! In bed! With Leon Trotsky!
The first Politburo member to recover from the shock of seeing this sacrilege gasps, 'Where's Lenin?'
And the artist says, 'He's in Zurich!'

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