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Beginning to Intermediate

Russian Writing System
Basic introduction to Russian alphabet with addition information and language related links.
S azov
(Russian from Scratch) is a communicative ab initio Russian language textbook developed at the University of Wolverhampton, available as PDF files plus interactive tests on each chapter.
Produce well-designed CD-ROMs (as well as books and tapes) for learners of Russian. The site also includes listings of where to study Russian in the UK.
Introduction to Russian
Site guides you easily through learning the Russian alphabet, picking up useful vocabulary along the way - includes audio and doesn't need Russian fonts installed.
Master Russian
Plenty for the novice and advanced students of Russian: from language lessons to web cams, dictionaries to pen pals, alphabet to crosswords, grammar to Tolstoy.
Russian Language Program at Cornell University
Site has some pioneering on-line multimedia materials, such as Beginning Russian through Film and Dictionary of the Human Body.
University of Oregon Yamada Language Center - Russian
From the YLC at the University of Oregon. Updated regularly.
Russian: An Interactive On-line Reference Grammar
By Professor Robert Beard, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pa. Site includes a lot of excellent materials for beginners with Java Exercises.
George Mitrevski's Homepage
Includes: Learn to Read Russian: The Russian Alphabet with audio; Russian with NACHALO Syllabi and exercises for introductory level course based on the textbook Nachalo, Book 1; and Russian Web Tutor.
NCLRC The Week's News in Simplified Broadcasts
Site delivers a survey of the previous week's news in simplified standard Russian. Listeners of Voice of America's "Special English" broadcasts will recognize the slightly slower rate of speech which characterizes these webcasts. With exercises and scripts.

Intermediate to Advanced

Russian Advanced Interactive Listening Series - RAILS
RAILS project at University of Wisconsin-Madison is developing web-based Russian listening comprehension lessons incorporating authentic video and targeting advanced-level listening proficiency. The lessons are based on excerpts from films (Solovky Power and The Children of Kuz'mich), and on clips from video-taped interviews with prominent Russians (Veniamin Smekhov, Irina Khakamada, among others).
Russian Language Mentor
Extensive site from the US military for intermediate to advanced students. Includes interactive courses for Developing Language Proficiency in Reading and Listening, a Russian cultural literacy course (in English), Intermediate Grammar Exercises, a massive Russian Listening/Reading Library, Virtaul Slavic Club, Country Study ePortfolio template, and a lot more.
DLI Russian Online Sustainment and Enhancement Course
Developed by the Defense Language Institute for military linguists, this Intermediate course is available on the Internet for anyone's use.
DTRA Russian Arms Control Speaking Proficiency Course
Series of materials developed by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency for on-site inspectors in pdf. format. Click on Courseware. Includes online Grammar Course, Excursion Terminology Book, "Speak Better Russian," Treaties and Agreements course, etc. Also explore the Russian Corner.
Website of the The American Council of Teachers of Russian (ACTR). There are many resources here including a collection of Russian Language Modules. These are thematic learning modules that combine the learning of culture with the learning of Russian. Registration is required.
Russian Interactive Pages
Video/audio-based reading/listening comprehension course consisting of 10 chapters produced at Unversity of Pennsylvania with lots of material.
Posobie po russkomu iazyku
An online textbook for learners of Colloquial Russian.
Russian Language Learning Website
A literature-based online course designed at Sussex to complement Literature and History options within Russian Studies here. For each author there are biographical details and a text for study with vocabulary hints, a stressed version of the text with audio, English translation, exercises, grammar, historical background, a critical essay and video dialogues about the author.
Site has lots of classic 19th and 20th century literature, with reading aids for Russian learners - point the mouse at a word to see its English equivalent, click for a more detailed description. and Russkaia virtualnaia biblioteka have more, but without the dictionary help.
From the Ends to the Beginning
A bilingual anthology of Russian poetry, many with audio readings.
Podcasts on literature or business at intermediate to advanced levels.

Advanced/Professional Including Dictionaries

Russian Reference Grammar
The Russian Reference Grammar, by Edna Andrews, Duke University, is part of a set of SEELRC reference grammars designed for advanced-level language users and linguists to compare semantic categories across languages.
Portal for the Russian language with a great deal of advanced content including a selection of specialist dictionaries and a free reference service where you can ask questions. The site isn't aimed at foreign students, so it's all in Russian.
Slovari/Sluzhba Russkogo Yazyka
An outstanding Russian language site hosted by the V.V. Vinogradov Russian Language Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences. Links to almost every available online dictionary. Also provides online assistance to grammar questions. Registration required for some resources.
A Russian language portal dedicated to presenting theoretical and practical philological materials on the Internet. The focal point of the portal is the library of philological texts which includes articles and monographs.
Kulichinskaya Enciklopediya
An unusual "encyclopedia" that includes both serious and esoteric links and articles.
Russian Grammatical Dictionary
Part of SEELRC Grammatical Dictionaries project. Unique dictionary that provides full word paradigms, native pronunciation, and semantic linkage in a user-friendly, web-accessible format. Use of the Russian Grammatical Dictionary is absolutely free. Users need only create a login and password.
"Multitran automatic dictionary offers translations for English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Estonian, and Japanese languages. Dictionary supports alphabetic, morphological, and phrase searches. A number of additional morphology search engines is available online." Excellent tool for everyone, from beginning language students to professional translators. - Russian
Extensive list of online dictionaries, both general and specialized.
English-Russian Online Dictionary
From, the English-Russian version contains some 250,000 entries.
Smirnitsky's Russian-English Online Dictionary
Russian Abbreviations/Acronyms Online Dictionary
From, This Russian website advertises itself as the "largest Russian abbreviations dictionary in the world" and, with regular updates to its 54,000+ entries, it most definitely deserves this claim.
Slovnyk. The Multilingual Dictionary
Includes Belarusian, Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, English Dictionaries. This online dictionary can be used in any of the above languages and will translate between the same languages.
Russian-English Dictionary of Proverbs and Sayings

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