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Greatest Russian is the project of the Russia TV channel aimed to elect the most notable personality in Russian history through voting via the Internet, radio and television. The program is similar to British 100 Greatest Britons and other such projects held in different countries. The Russia TV Channel initially nominated 500 names who "played significant role in Russia's history". On June 12, 2008 the list was shortened to 50 by voting.

In December 2008 the name of the winner was announced. The total of nearly 4.5 million people voted. (Read more about this competition here.) Here are the top twelve:



Alexander Nevsky 12211263


Peter Stolypin 18621911


Joseph Stalin 18791953


Alexander Pushkin 17991837


Peter the Great 16721725


Alexander Suvorov 17291800


Vladimir Lenin 18701924


Dmitry Mendeleev 18341907


Fedor Dostoevsky 18211881


Ivan the Terrible 1530-1584


Catherine the Great 17291796


Alexander II 18181881

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